Platanico Wines & Spiris Ltd applies the highest levels of Quality Management System in all areas of its activities. Having as its foundation integrity and accountability and a non-compromizing respect to the customer, the company is committed to maintaining the high level of safety and quality that characterizes all its products, and the continuous improvement of quality at all stages of the production process. To achieve this, Platanico Wines & Spiris Ltd maintains and applies to all its activities, the strictest rules and standards for the selection of raw materials, equipment, facilities, development, production, distribution and quality control as they are determined by the European and national legislation.

In achieving the highest levels of quality Platanico Wines & Spiris Ltd is fully harmonized with the international quality management standards and food safety.

Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001: 2008)
ISO22000 Food Safety Management System (EN ISO 22000: 2005)

The attention in every step, guarantees the uncompromising quality of each and every product for all to enjoy.