Platanico Wines & Spirits produces a variety of alcoholic products:


One of the largest producers of vinegar in Cyprus, Platanico Wines & Spirits uses traditional methods of fermenting wine for the production of vinegar. A household name since 1922, our vinegar comes in three types: red, white and aromatic (apple, balsamic).

Pure Alcohol

We supply pure alcohol as well as denaturated alcohol to hospitals, pharmacies, and for general household use.

De-ionised Water

De-ionised water has a variety of uses both in household maintenance (steam irons, batteries) as well as industrial processing (pharmaceutical, electroplating, chemical production, and car washes.)

Alcoholic Beverages

We produce a large variety of alcoholic beverages for restaurants, bars, hotels as well for household use. These beverages range from a large variety of white spirits, liqueurs and schnapps as well as brandy, ouzo, and commandaria wine.